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COVID-19 Unit

COVID-19 Unit

NEW BRIEFING - Local authorities post COVID-19. All you need to know 


11.05.2020: Zoom webinar - Planning enforcement during the lockdown: is mediation the solution?

07.05.2020: Zoom webinar - Planning appeals in the era of COVID-19

23.04.2020: Zoom webinar - What COVID-19 means for enforcement.

16.04.2020: Zoom webinar - Planning appeals and Planning Court remote hearings

Local Government

20.04.2020: Zoom webinar - Remote meetings: natural justice and practical problems

08.04 2020: Zoom webinarVirtual meetings are the new reality for local authorities

Public Law


01.05.2020 - Zoom webinar - Remote licensing hearings: what you need to know

Information Law


24.06.2020: Zoom webinar - Homelessness and COVID-19

09.06.2020: Zoom webinar - Disrepair litigation in changing times

11.05.2020: Zoom webinar - Possession claims and the Public Sector Equality Duty

04.05.2020: Zoom webinar - Homelessness and the Public Sector Equality Duty

22.04.2020: Zoom webinar - Litigation in lockdown: the housing cases receiving pandemic priority

Court of Protection and Community Care

05.05.2020: Zoom webinar - Coronavirus - its impact on Discharges, DNARs, DPs and DoLs

08.04.2020: Zoom webinarCare Act 2014 Easements in the Coronavirus Act 2020 - what do they mean for you?


Corporate Liability: Work related deaths and criminal prosecutions
Cornerstone on Councillors' conduct
Cornerstone's Electoral Legislation 2016
Cornerstone on the Planning Court
Cornerstone on Anti-Social Behaviour
Cornerstone on Information Law
Cornerstone Social Housing Fraud