Cornerstone Barristers advise on voluntary right to buy scheme

01 Jan 2018

Housing, Planning and Environment, Public Law and Judicial Review

Kelvin Rutledge QC and Ashley Bowes were instructed by the Future Housing Review to provide an analysis of the legal implications of the Government’s Manifesto pledge to extend the statutory right to buy to tenants of housing associations.

The initiative is currently being piloted by five housing associations following a majority vote of the National Housing Federation’s members. Tenants of the pilot associations may progress purchase up to the point of sale, in what appears to be an exercise to understand the level of interest from qualifying tenants. The pilot is expected to run until January 2017, with an evaluation from DCLG in September 2016.

The extension of the “right” to buy has numerous legal implications for housing associations. Kelvin and Ashley’s advice to Future Housing Review has been published on their website and summarised in Inside Housing. Links can be found here.