Equality and diversity

The principles of equal opportunity and diversity are a fundamental part of Cornerstone Barristers’ philosophy and are essential to our success as a thriving set. It is our unequivocal policy not to discriminate against anyone, either directly or indirectly, on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy, maternity or paternity, disability, religion or belief, age, part-time, fixed-term or contractual status, or on any other irrelevant or irrational basis.

In particular, Chambers is committed to ensuring that it selects pupils, tenants and employees without discrimination, that discriminatory considerations play no part in the allocation of work within chambers, and that we do not accept instructions from solicitors who seek to select Counsel on a discriminatory basis. We endeavour to treat everyone, both inside and outside Chambers, with attention, courtesy, respect and consideration. We also aim to ensure that our pupillage, work experience, employment and membership opportunities are open and accessible to all based on individual qualities and personal merit.

Each year we host a small number of visits from pupils in state sixth forms who are interested in a career at the bar.  The visits involve a tour of legal London and our Chambers and there is an opportunity to meet barristers and take part in a simple advocacy exercise. These visits are funded by the Anthony Scrivener education fund.  For more details, please contact our CEO cbello@cornerstonebarristers.com.

We have a well-established equality and diversity policy which we review at least annually to ensure that it remains current and responsive. We have established a comprehensive diversity action plan to ensure that the principles of the policy are properly put into practice.  Here is a link to our Equality and Diversity Policy.

Read Cornerstone Barristers full Anti-racism statement here.

We capture, record, analyse and interpret diversity data for all recruitment (staff, pupils, mini-pupils and tenants). We carried out our latest full workforce diversity survey of all members, pupils and staff in 2023.