Fees policy

Our members have an hourly rate for written work and advice, based on the market rates, which takes account of the barrister’s seniority, expertise and the complexity of the case. However, our clerking team is open to discuss, where appropriate, alternative fee structures, including fixed or capped fees.

Fees for hearings will ordinarily take the form of a brief fee which is an agreed fixed amount to cover pre-hearing preparation and attendance in court on the first day of the hearing. We will charge a refresher fee for any subsequent days of the hearing (usually a fixed fee). Cornerstone Barristers members are willing to consider certain cases on a conditional fees or damages-based agreement basis.

VAT will be added where applicable. In some circumstances, expenses incurred by barristers will be charged upon agreement with the client. We are happy to provide VAT number(s) on request.

Professional, licensed access and public access clients are welcome to contact our team of clerks and request a quotation for the legal services we provide. Please contact clerks@cornerstonebarristers.com. We aim to reply within a few working days, certainly within 14 days.