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Senior Clerk

Elliot Langdorf
E: elliotl@cornerstonebarristers.com
T: 020 7421 1806 / M: 07939 266289

Team Leaders

Sam Collins
E: samc@cornerstonebarristers.com
T: 020 7421 1809 / M: 07492055144

Dan Gatt
E: dgatt@cornerstonebarristers.com
T: 020 7421 1807 / M: 07961379677


Justin Callaghan
E: justinc@cornerstonebarristers.com
T: 020 7421 1814 / M: 07961 768183

George Regan
E: georger@cornerstonebarristers.com
T: 020 7421 1803 / M: 079400 56754

Isaac Maynard-Smith
E: IMS@cornerstonebarristers.com
T: 020 7421 1805 / M: 07432 613306

Chelsea Thomas
E: chelseat@cornerstonebarristers.com
T: 0207 421 1804 / M: 07566 204247

Chambers is operating normally. In order to minimise the potential for viral spread and in line with formal government recommendations, many staff and members will be working at home. Telephones and emails will divert automatically. Video conferencing is available at no charge.

IMPORTANT: Please liaise with the clerks to agree the best way of sharing documents before sending any papers to Chambers.

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