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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Every organisation has a responsibility to the people it serves and to its community to conduct its affairs ethically and to seek to ensure that those with whom it works are also maintaining proper levels of responsibility. Cornerstone Barristers aspires to an open, inclusive and philanthropic culture. Our attitude to CSR reflects our moral compass and the corporate personality of our organisation.

In the last year, we have conducted a CSR survey of all members and have used this to develop a comprehensive CSR strategy which focuses on the community, sustainability, the workplace our clients and suppliers and the supply chain.

Our CSR committee meets regularly, led by a senior silk and our CEO. One of the initiatives that we are currently taking forward is the establishment of a Cornerstone Barristers Foundation to promote education outreach and enhance accessibility to the profession for less-advantaged social groups and areas.

Pro-Bono work
Cornerstone Barristers is proud of its dedicated and socially active members and employees.

A number of members of Chambers undertake pro bono work, serving as Free Representation Unit volunteers or Bar Pro Bono Unit panel members. Against the background of cuts in legal aid funding, this helps to facilitate access to justice in circumstances in which it may otherwise be denied.

More than half our barristers responding to a survey have participated in some form of pro bono work. This often involves a substantial commitment of time with an average of almost 50 hours per annum.

Pupils and junior members of Chambers can find undertaking pro bono work a rewarding and valuable way of gaining experience in a number of disparate legal fields.


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