Divisional Court rejects challenge to Azelle Rodney Report

01 Jan 2018

Inquests and Inquiries, Public Law and Judicial Review

The Divisional Court has refused permission for a judicial review challenge to the Azelle Rodney Report. That report followed the public inquiry into the death of Azelle Rodney, who was shot six times by an armed Metropolitan Police officer.

The inquiry was chaired by Sir Christopher Holland and it concluded that the officer, known as E7 had not been justified in opening fire. In the words used by E7 in seeking to challenge that conclusion, it was “tantamount to a finding of murder”. He sought judicial review of it, contending that it was irrational. The Divisional Court of Sir Brian Leveson and Irwin J rejected the challenge as unarguable.

Ashley Underwood QC was Counsel to the inquiry, and acted for Sir Christopher in the judicial review application.

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