Dr Christina Lienen to speak at human rights conference in New York

19 Apr 2024

Public Law and Judicial Review

Associate Member Dr Christina Lienen will speak on 19th April 2024 at the Third Critical Perspectives on Human Rights Conference, organised by The City College of New York’s Division of Interdisciplinary Studies from 17-19 April 2024. She will be part of the panel “History, Philosophy, and Human Rights” alongside academic colleagues from the UK and the United States.

Her talk – “Human Rights as a Vehicle to Project Rather than to Protect” – adds to the growing discourse offering a critical examination of both the legacy and the present state of international human rights. Specifically, she argues thar human rights have to a large extent been used as a vehicle to project a certain image on the purported benefactors of human rights, and to keep said benefactors in positions of control, rather than to achieve the equitable protection of universal values.