Housing Week Day 4: Public law and discrimination challenges to possession claims – Where are we now?

08 Oct 2020



Cases such as LB Wandsworth v Winder [1985] AC 461 and Manchester City Council v Pinnock [2011] 2 AC 104 seem very well established now yet public law and discrimination defences continue to come before the higher courts. See for example [2020] HLR 27, Paragon ASRA Housing Ltd v Neville [2018] HLR 39 and Dacorum Borough Council v Powell [2019] HLR 21.

This webinar considered the current state of play of such matters being raised in defences to possession claims, and increasingly (with discrimination) as a damages counterclaim as well, and considers strategies to deal effectively and confidently with them.

The webinar was chaired by Dean Underwood, who has had experience of these issues in the higher courts, and includes contributions from housing and public law teams’ members – Andy Lane, Ryan Kohli, Riccardo Calzavara, and Rowan Clapp.

A copy of the slides for this webinar can be found HERE.