Regulating the modern private hire industry – a licensing masterclass for local authorities

28 Apr 2020


Philip Kolvin QC



Philip Kolvin QC’s masterclass on regulating the modern private hire industry will be released on 28 April 2020.

In this filmed talk, supported by extensive Powerpoint material, Philip focuses on the growth of the app-based providers. While their advent has brought benefits, many public authorities are deeply concerned about cross-border hiring, congestion, standards, rider safety and unfair competition to local businesses. Meanwhile, legal attempts to regulate the industry have tended to fail in court.

Philip takes a rigorous look at the legislation and case law, and demonstrates that local authorities in fact have all the tools they need to bring the private hire industry under more effective control. He provides many practical solutions for local authorities who wish to do so.

Philip also considers the impact of the Wakefield fees litigation and the state of play regarding statutory standards and national guidance.

This masterclass is exclusively for public sector bodies, with pricing set accordingly.

You will have access to the masterclass as many times as you like, so that it will be a permanent resource for you.