Zoom webinar – New taxi and PHV Standards

27 Jul 2020, 5:12 am


Philip Kolvin QC





The Government has today published the long-awaited Statutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards.

The implications of the new Standards cannot be over-emphasised. Authorities will need to review their licence in the light of them, use them in all of their decision-making and even in some cases review existing licences in light of them.

As the Standards say: “Given that the standards have been set directly to address the safeguarding of the public and the potential impact of failings in this area, the importance of thoroughly considering these standards cannot be overstated“.

Philip Kolvin QC is a leading licensing specialist who has been involved in most of the important taxi and policy cases in recent years. He views the standards from these dual perspectives so as to provide a roadmap of actions for local authorities.

SLIDES – Click here to download a copy of the slides used in this webinar.