Zoom webinar: Who will rid me of these troublesome data protection claims? A guide to defending data protection litigation

27 Jan 2022, 4:12 am


Matt Lewin, John Fitzsimons, Dr Christina Lienen





An email sent to the wrong recipient. A laptop stolen from a car.

Mistakes happen – but should controllers be required to routinely pay thousands of pounds in damages and even more in legal costs for low-level personal data breaches?

In this 1 hour webinar, some members of the Cornerstone Barristers’ Information Law team discussed the growth area of data protection litigation and key lessons for defending these claims in light of a number of important High Court decisions in 2021.

    • How do we minimise the costs of defending data protection claims?
    • How much compensation should we pay for a personal data breach?
    • What other factors are important when considering settling a claim?
    • When is a personal data breach trivial or de minimis?
    • Where should data protection claims be heard?
    • What track should data protection claims be assigned to?

The webinar addressed these and other questions in a practical and straightforward way to give you the understanding and tools needed to respond to trivial and/or seemingly opportunistic data protection claims.

SLIDES – Click here to download a copy of the slides used in this webinar