Every dog has its day

01 Jan 2018


On Friday 7th April 2016 the UK’s largest brewer of craft beers, Brewdog, saw off an appeal against a grant of a licence for its new bar in Micklegate, in York’s Cumulative Impact Zone.

A local restaurateur and resident had brought the appeal against the grant, on the grounds that the grant would add to the cumulative impact of nuisance and disorder on what was formerly the notorious “Micklegate Run.” But Brewdog argued that a grant would not undermine the licensing objectives, since its track record showed that it sold premium beer at higher prices, and did not attract the kind of clientele who were liable to cause problems in the public realm.

The Court held that the decision of York City Council was not wrong, and so dismissed the appeal. Full reasons will be given later.

Philip Kolvin QC acted for Brewdog, instructed by Kuits Solicitors.