Examination hearings into the Waverley Local Plan – LPP2

11 Nov 2022

Planning and Environment

Following the examination hearings into the Waverley Local Plan – LPP2 (2013 –2032) the Council is intending to move forward to consultation on the main modifications to LPP2, subject to a decision of the Executive on 29 November 2022.

The examination discussed the whole gamut of local plan issues including legal compliance, green belt, settlement boundaries, housing land supply, housing and other allocations, and biodiversity.  There was also detailed consideration of where a “daughter plan” such as LPP2 sits in terms of an overarching strategic plan.

Our Wayne Beglan was privileged to lead the wonderful team from Waverley Borough Council including Andrew Longley, Matthew Ellis, Marissa Nash, Katherine Dove and Alice Knowles.