Graham Stoker Runs as Candidate for FIA Presidency 2021

02 Sep 2021

Commercial and Regulatory

Cornerstone’s Graham Stoker is running for candidacy for Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Presidency 2021. Current FIA Deputy President for Sport since October 2009 and member of FIA World Motorsport Council, Graham Stoker has a rich and distinguished career in sport and law.

His campaign ‘FIA for All’ focuses on a vision for an all-inclusive, all-access future for the sport. Building on the impressive work of the FIA to create a progressive sport that is open to anyone and everyone that wants to be involved – regardless of socio-economic factors.

Graham’s campaign has recently launched its Motor Sport manifesto, setting out policies that will transform motor sport in the future. These objectives include:
• Prioritising safety in the sport
• Ensuring motor sport is sustainable and environmentally responsible
• Guaranteeing anyone with the passion and talent can try motor sport anywhere in the world
• Rebuilding confidence and investment in championships
• Being proud custodians of motor sport history
• Growing the sport’s vital fan base

To read the full manifesto please download it here.

Graham specialises in Sports Law and is a long-standing member of the UK Sports Dispute Resolutions Panel and honorary council member of Motorsport UK. Further to his accomplished career in regulatory sport, his other practise areas include Planning & Environment, Public Law & Judicial Review and Commercial & Regulatory.

Due to recent revelations in response to the climate emergency, Graham’s experience in Planning and Environment law makes him the perfect candidate for presidency as F1 navigates the environmental and climate pressures the industry faces.

Speaking to Autoweek on his candidacy, Graham says: “It’s not just EVs [electric vehicles]. If you look at the hybrids, they’ve all been driven, I think, probably by the sports car world and endurance racing. The current Formula 1 engine is over 50 percent efficient. We’re trying to move toward running that on totally sustainable e-fuels.”

“I don’t underestimate the challenges of coming out of this pandemic. I want to steer with a steady hand on the tiller. But then we’re facing a whole lot of challenges, and I want to convert them into opportunities and come up with fresh ideas.”

For more updates on Graham’s candidacy and further projects, please visit his LinkedIn page here or check in on his campaign election website: