Head of Cornerstone Barristers warns of legal uncertainty ahead

01 Jan 2018

Public Law and Judicial Review

Reacting to the Brexit decision, Philip Kolvin QC said:

“The Brexit debate has been emotive and political. The consequences for  our legal system have barely figured in it. But EU-inspired or mandated legislation is part of the bedrock of societal protection. I speak of health and safety, town and country planning, ecological protection, freedom of information, data protection, competition, discrimination, public procurement, indeed the very concept of proportionality which governs much of our regulatory system. Ahead of us lie profoundly significant legal questions. Are these protections to be thrown onto a bonfire of laws? If not, which are to survive and which are to be replaced, and if so by what? What is to happen to the common law which has been developed against the backdrop of EU legislation? As practitioners in these fields, Cornerstone Barristers regard it as our duty to contribute professionally, objectively and non-politically in the debates which will underpin the complex but crucial process of legal and constitutional transition.”