Inspector approves Harlow Local Plan

02 Jan 2020

Planning and Environment

On 17 December, the Inspector confirmed that the Harlow Local Plan 2011-2033 was sound subject to Main Modifications and some updating HRA work and confirmed that the plan could progress to the next stage.

The inspector has confirmed that the spatial strategy and key allocations of the emerging Local Plan are sound, bringing the realisation of the four Harlow and Gilston Garden Communities a key step closer.

The plan, by those new Garden Communities, seeks provision of some c.10,000 new homes in and around Harlow during the plan period.

Provision is made for the redevelopment of the Princess Alexandra Hospital site for housing. The emerging Local Plan also paves the way for the Area Action Plan for Harlow Town Centre and introduces additional restrictions on HMO creation.

You can read here the Inspector’s letter and the Council’s response.

Wayne Beglan successfully represented Harlow Council.