L B Croydon V Marney And Allen

01 Jan 2018


Magistrates in Croydon have made Anti-Social Behaviour Orders lasting three and four years in respect of two youths who had been terrorising their neighbourhood on their go-peds, mopeds, quad bikes, thumper bikes (the list of mechanically propelled vehicles goes on).

A group of around 20 youths had been tearing up grassed areas with their vehicles. They were congregating in a children’s play area drinking and smoking until the early hours and had been involved in acts of vandalism.

Two of the youths were identified as the leaders of the group and had signed Acceptable Behaviour Contracts. However, the anti-social behaviour continued and the Council sought interim and final ASBOs. The prohibitions included curfews, an exclusion zone and non-association clauses.

The behaviour was taking place in an area surrounded by dwelling houses but residents were fearful of being identified for fear of reprisals.

Both the Police Sergeant and Anti-Social Behaviour Officer gave evidence to the Court of the matters that had been reported to them. This allows the residents to remain anonymous. The Police Sergeant confirmed that reports of anti-social behaviour from the area had been reduced by almost 90% since the interim orders were put in place.