Philip Kolvin QC has been announced as a keynote speaker at the Responsibility Hospitality Institute’s international conference in New Orleans.

01 Jan 2018


Philip Kolvin QC has been announced as a keynote speaker at the Responsible Hospitality Institute‘s international conference in New Orleans on 8 February 2018. 

The event, which follows New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations, is a unique global gathering of influential leaders in urban planning, music, public safety, downtown development, college life and night-time management.

Philip said: “Increasingly, global cities are viewing night culture as integral to their investment draw. The subject is receiving unprecedented attention among city planners and politicians. But you can get your policies wrong, through bad planning, policies or politics, and there are examples of cities that choke off beneficial night-time development through misguided or short-sighted approaches.”

Philip is gathering ideas for a book and events later this year called “Solving the Night” which will show how enlightened cities worldwide can resolve the conflict between growth and protection agendas, to make dynamic night spaces which work for all. He views New Orleans as an important step on the trail.