Philip Kolvin QC instructed to challenge insurance claim denial by Hiscox

23 Apr 2020


The Night Time Industries Association will be coordinating claims against Hiscox Insurance for its refusal to pay out under its business interruption policy during the Covid-19 crisis.

Philip Kolvin QC has been instructed to advise on members’ rights under their insurance policies. One of the main leisure sector policies was underwritten by Hiscox Insurance, who have written to their clients denying liability. Philip has advised that claimants who were insured by Hiscox against closure by public authorities and who had to close their premises under the regulations have a good case against Hiscox.

Philip has commented: “Leisure operators are suffering severe hardship. There is a clear and present danger that the industry will be decimated, that leisure businesses throughout the UK will go to the wall, that jobs and livelihoods will be lost, and that the cultural capacity of the nation will be depleted for years to come.

We should celebrate that the Night Time Industries Association has stepped up to the plate to support the sector. It is time now for those insurance companies who know they are liable under their policies do the same. The clue is in the name ‘insurance’. It is what they are in business for. They should not be running for cover. They will never be forgiven for doing so.”