Royal Aeronautical Society lecture – mental health issues in the Aviation sector

29 Apr 2021

Yesterday, Gerard Forlin QC spoke at the Royal Society. This is the fourth year in a row that he has been asked to speak at this Conference.

At the conference, the Minister of Aviation, Robert Courts, also spoke. It was attended by numerous Airlines, Air traffic Control, Royal Aeronautical Society, Regulators and Medical Professionals from all over the World.

Gerard covered a number of technical Legal areas in relation to the Directive that will be turned into Domestic UK Legislation probably in 2021. This centres on peer and other assistance to the Aviation sector following the Germanwings and other Disasters.

Gerard covered the specific issue of stress inside the Aviation sector especially Aircrew, heavily hit by the Pandemic. The return to work of Aircrew and the associated risks will be complex and involved.
He also covered COVID transmission in the Aviation setting and the general responsibility of management and Individuals in the sector and other associated legal topics.

Gerard also appeared on a panel of Global experts from a variety of Disciplines.