Video 2 – Locking down anti-social behaviour – Covid-19 and Closure Orders

05 May 2020

Public Law and Judicial Review

In addition to the measures introduced by the Coronavirus Act 2020, the existing powers available to tackle anti-social behaviour can still be used.

In a series of three videos, Kuljit Bhogal, a member of the Cornerstone Barristers Public Law Team, explains how the powers work and how they are relevant to managing anti-social behaviour during the lockdown.

VIDEO 2 –  Covid-19 and Closure Orders – please click here to access the video.

Closure Orders can still be sought during the lockdown and are classed as priority hearings during the lockdown. These can be both full and partial closures of premises and are made using powers found in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. In this video, Kuljit explains how the powers work and the test that will be applied by the courts.

The last video, An introduction to Public Spaces Protection Orders, will be released shortly and published on our website.

VIDEO 1 – Covid-19 and Community Protection Notices – you can still access the video here.