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Training videos

Do you require training for new Licensing Committee Members?

Watch the Cornerstone Licensing team discuss the key principles of the Licensing Act 2003 and how to conduct licensing hearings. For further information on training services provided by Cornerstone Barristers, contact clerks@cornerstonebarristers.com.

Part One Licensing Hearings Training

In this video, Philip Kolvin QC and Josef Cannon discuss the Licensing Act 2003; Procedure at licensing hearings; Best practice for conducting hearings; and Deregulation and appeals.

Philip Kolvin QC Gambling update (social gaming) from Cornerstone Barristers on Vimeo.

Total video length: 1hr 42 minutes 

Part Two Licensing Hearing

Watch the Licensing Sub-Committee of "Felwood Borough Council" consider an application for variation of a premises licence at The Rose Pub and Restaurant.

Asitha Ranatunga chairs the Sub-Committee and the hearing includes appearances from several other members of the Cornerstone Licensing Team (Josef Cannon, Emma Dring, Richard Hanstock, Matt Lewin and Tara O'Leary).

Guidance is provided throughout the hearing. As you watch the video, think of what decision you would come to and then compare it with the possible decisions given below.

The agenda papers are available to download below (including the licensing officer's report and representations) along with examples of possible decisions.

Total video length: 1hr 10 minutes


Decision to Grant the Variation in Full.

Decision to Refuse the Variation of the Licence.

Decision to Grant the Variation but with Reduced Hours.

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