Called-in inquiry at Citroen Site

21 Jan 2020

Planning and Environment, Public Law and Judicial Review

A public inquiry started on 14 January in respect of the so called ‘Citroen Site’, a site within the Great West Corridor in Brentford.

The proposal is for a tall building scheme comprising 6 tall buildings of up to 18 storeys in height, providing 441 apartments including 50% affordable housing. The principal objection is the impact on a range of heritage assets including the World Heritage Site Kew Gardens.

The London Borough of Hounslow had resolved to refuse the application before the Mayor appointed himself as the local planning authority and resolved to grant planning permission. However, the matter was called-in by the Secretary of State. The inquiry is due to continue until 7 February.

The London Borough of Hounslow begun presenting its case today.

Ed Grant is representing the London Borough of Hounslow leading Isabella Buono.