Cornerstone Barristers takes part in launch of new online legal encyclopaedia

01 Jan 2018

Local Government

Members of Cornerstone Barristers have played a leading role in contributing to a new online encyclopaedia, launched on 10th December 2012. The “Westlaw UK Insight” is an online legal encyclopaedia covering, when completed, the whole of UK law. The encyclopaedia contains articles designed to:

  • Provide brief overviews on areas of law for readers who are not expert in that area
  • Identify issues of particular complexity or importance on which expert support is likely to be needed
  • Complement and link to other Westlaw materials, including legislation, cases and commentary

The encyclopaedia aims to be concise and authoritative, and will be added to and updated regularly.

Members of Cornerstone have contributed articles in the area of Local Authority Law.

Articles and contributors in the first round include:

Emma Dring:
Local Authorities: England
Local Government Boundary Commission

James Findlay QC:
Local Authority Companies
Judicial Control of Local Authorities

Hugh Flanagan:
Local Authority Procurement
Local Government Finance: Charging and Trading

Robin Green:
Local Authority Land Transactions
Local Authority Publicity

Matt Hutchings:
Local Government Finance: Council Tax
Local Government Finance: Housing Revenue
Local Government Finance: Overview
Delegation of Functions

Jack Parker:
The Mayor of London and London Assembly: Jack Parker
Local Authority Structure: Executive Arrangements [including Elected Mayors] (with Damien Welfare)
Local councillors: members’ interests (with Damien Welfare)
Local councillors: political activities (with Damien Welfare)

Harriet Townsend:
Local Government Byelaws

Damien Welfare:
Local Government Functions: the General Power of Competence, and the Well-Being Power
Local Authority Structure: Executive Arrangements [including Elected Mayors] (with Jack Parker)
Local councillors: members’ interests (with Jack Parker)
Local councillors: political activities (with Jack Parker)

Further articles are due to be published shortly from Rob Williams (Best Value) and Zoe Whittington.

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