Cornerstone Climate Month: Training and Insights on Climate for the Legal Profession

28 Feb 2024

Cornerstone Climate, Planning and Environment, Property, Commercial and Regulatory, Public Law and Judicial Review

Cornerstone Barristers is proud to announce the launch of Cornerstone Climate Month this May, a series of events that promises to deliver unparalleled climate training and insights, tailored specifically for professionals in the legal sector.

Full programme and schedule available here.

The risks and opportunities from climate change are relevant to clients across all legal sectors. In an era where the impacts of climate change are increasingly felt, the legal community has a pivotal role to play. Recognising the urgent need for specialised training in these areas, Cornerstone Climate Month offers a suite of events covering many aspects of climate change and the law.

Designed to upskill and inform, this event is for anyone in the legal profession seeking to deepen their understanding of climate change and its relevance to their practice.

What’s on Offer?

For a nominal fee of £10 plus VAT, participants will gain access to an exceptional lineup of at least 10 hours of online training and access to an in-person event, plus follow-up written resources. These sessions will cover a wide range of critical topics, including:

  • Climate Change: The Basics
  • UK Progress towards Net Zero
  • Energy Transition
  • Greenhouse Gas Assessments
  • Carbon Capture, Use and Storage
  • Climate Litigation in the Civil Courts
  • Greenwashing
  • ESG and Real Estate
  • Green Finance
  • Climate in Planning Policy and Plan Making
  • Development Management: Climate as a Material Consideration
  • Retrofitting Existing Buildings
  • Ecocide
  • The Right to Protest

These topics will be delivered by barristers with expertise across Cornerstone Climate’s disciplines, with many sessions also including distinguished external speakers. The programme is available here.

Join Us

Cornerstone Climate Month is an unmissable opportunity for legal professionals to enhance their understanding and capacity to address the critical challenges of our time. With up to three webinars a week throughout May, and a schedule packed with informative sessions, this event promises to be a cornerstone in climate training for the legal sector.

Register now to secure your place.

A Word from the Organisers

Planning and Environment specialist Harriet Townsend is leading the organisation of Cornerstone Climate Month. She said: “In the face of climate change and its global impact, the legal sector has a crucial role to play. Cornerstone Climate Month is not just an event or marketing exercise; it is designed to equip legal professionals with the knowledge and skills they need in the changing environment we live in. We’ve set the entry fee deliberately low to allow for wide participation, including students and pupils, making this a truly inclusive learning experience.”

About Cornerstone Climate

Founded in 2023 by Estelle Dehon KC, Cornerstone Climate is at the forefront of environmental law, climate change litigation and advice. Drawing upon the award-winning expertise of Cornerstone Barristers in planning, environment, property, commercial, regulatory, and public law, Cornerstone Climate aims to fortify and expand services related to climate and biodiversity. By acting as a hub for professionals across various sectors, Cornerstone Climate fosters best practice and insight sharing, furthering climate conscious practice across the legal sector.

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