Estelle Dehon KC Speaks at COP27 Climate Law and Governance Day

11 Nov 2022

Later today Estelle Dehon KC will be speaking at the main legal event at COP27, the fully online Climate Law and Governance Day, which is focusing this year on Implementing Climate Commitments Through Policy, Law and Practice. Estelle will be speaking on about Creating Climate Conscious Legal Practice and will relate some of her work as Co-Chair of the Bar Council’s Climate Crisis Working Group. You can read more about the impacts of the climate crisis on practice at the Bar in the article Estelle co-wrote for the September issue of Counsel Magazine, available here.

The Climate Law and Governance Day grew out of the work of the Climate Law and Governance Initiative (CLGI), which began at COP11 in Montreal, Canada. It aims to  mobilise the international law and governance community to help to implement the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and most recently, the Paris Agreement in the context of the global Sustainable Development Goals. It is a global international symposium which aims to facilitate meaningful dialogue between COP delegates, observers and stakeholders, also keen students, with an interest in national and international law and governance related to climate change, including government representatives and leaders, leading international and domestic legal practitioners, and renowned legal experts. This year it is being run in partnership with local hosts from the Ain Shams University and is online-only.

After COP27, Estelle will be speaking about Climate Leadership and Influence at the Bar at the Annual Bar and Young Bar Conference 2022 on 26 November. More details are available here.