Estelle Dehon KC speaks at London Climate Action Week workshop for Barristers and Chambers

27 Jun 2024

Cornerstone Climate

Today, as part of London Climate Action Week, Estelle Dehon KC will speak at the workshop “Understanding Your Position in the Legal Supply Chain – Why Should Barristers and Chambers Measure and Report Their Carbon Emissions?“.

The event, organised by the Bar Council, the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA), and Clyde & Co, will provide a platform for discussing the necessity and methodology of carbon emissions measurement. Topics covered included the importance of Scope 3 emissions, the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, and practical steps for reducing emissions through the Bar Sustainability Network.

Other speakers included Patrick Linighan, Chief Sustainability Officer at Clyde & Co, Paul O’Sullivan, Senior Global Procurement Manager at Clyde & Co, and Amanda Carpenter, Director of the LSA Secretariat. The discussion workshop underscores the increasing pressure on private practices to measure and report their environmental impact, highlighting the integral role of every member of the legal supply chain in achieving sustainability goals.