Delivering ‘place-friendly’ renewable energy

24 May 2023, 10:00 am to 11:00 am


Jonathan Clay, Emma Dring, Ruchi Parekh





The need for new renewable energy infrastructure has never been greater. The Government’s plan for ‘Powering Up Britain’ sets out a mission to move to “cheaper, cleaner, domestic sources of energy”. At the same time, the Government is also consulting on the energy National Policy Statements – a review that is long overdue.

But what does this all mean in practice? This free, timely webinar will explore how renewable energy development can be successfully delivered on the ground. The Cornerstone team will provide practical tips on how to integrate schemes within local contexts, including how to: minimise harm, take opportunities for enhancements, and (ultimately) stay out of Court.

Cornerstone Barristers’ Ruchi Parekh will chair the session and she’ll be joined by Jonathan Clay and Emma Dring.

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