When are resources relevant to whether the court will order an authority to comply with a statutory duty?

01 Feb 2024, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm


Kelvin Rutledge KC, Riccardo Calzavara and Victoria Searle


Zoom webinar



In Croydon LBC v Imam [2023] 3 WLR 1178 the Supreme Court considered the question whether, and to what extent, a local housing authority’s limited resources are relevant to what relief, if any, the court should order in respect of a breach of the main housing duty. Its decision is of general importance, not least in relation to homelessness, compliance with statutory duties, and the separation of powers.

This webinar will consider what the Supreme Court decided, and the consequences, and features three lawyers involved in Croydon LBC v ImamKelvin Rutledge KC, Riccardo Calzavara and Victoria Searle from Browne Jacobson.

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