Zoom webinar: The inside track on CPO practice

16 May 2022, 5:42 pm


Paul Shadarevian QC, Harriet Townsend



In this 1 hour webinar, Paul Shadarevian QC and Harriet Townsend will share important insights on two key stages in the CPO process:

Objections to the CPO

Paul will give a 20-minute talk on objections to a CPO, the scope of objections, how to make them effective, how to respond to them and how Inspectors deal with them.

Implementation of the CPO

Harriet will demystify the complexities of the notice to treat and the general vesting declaration, delivering a clear “how-to” guide to the implementation process.

As ever, questions are encouraged in advance and during the session.

SLIDES – Click here to download a copy of the slides used in this webinar.