In final case as a Junior, Josef Cannon appears at the Court of Appeal

12 Mar 2024

Public Law and Judicial Review, Planning and Environment

Today Josef Cannon will appear in the Court of Appeal on behalf of Cheshire East Council, defending an appeal against the decision of HHJ Bird, sitting as a judge of the High Court, to commit a man known as Adam to prison for 12 months, for failing to comply with an injunction the same judge made in October 2022 requiring Adam and his wife to cease living on the land concerned and to remove various buildings and structures they had constructed, all without planning permission. The sentence was suspended on terms that certain steps were taken towards compliance with the Notice.

Adam was convicted by the Crown Court as long ago as 2017 for breaching the Enforcement Notice concerned, and has steadfastly refused to comply, his ‘defence’ being broadly that he is not, as a devout Christian, required to adhere to the provisions of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.

This will be Joe’s last appearance in his junior ‘stuff’ gown before he donates it via Ivy & Normanton’s excellent #PassItOn initiative where it will be passed onto an aspiring barrister without a gown due to start pupillage, upon taking silk on Monday.