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The impact of Gladman Developments v Daventry


Planning permission refused for up to 276 dwellings in a Local Green Gap, Clacton-on-Sea In Gladman1 the Court of Appeal explained that, because a central theme of the NPPF was to....


Cornerstone Leisure Newsletter February 2017


The Cornerstone Leisure Newsletter includes...
  • Editors note - Josef Cannon
  • 20:20 Vision - Philip Kolvin QC
  • One more round for minimum unit pricing of alcohol - Josef Cannon & Matt Lewin
  • When can premises....

  • Case

    Cornerstone Barristers in Supreme Court Planning Case


    Jonathan Clay and Ashley Bowes will be appearing today and tomorrow for Suffolk Coastal District Council in the co-joined appeals of Suffolk Coastal DC v Hopkins Homes Ltd and Cheshire....


    Estates Gazette - A vexed question


    Richard Hanstock has co-authored an article with Anna Ralston of Nabarro LLP for Estates Gazette. The article considers selective licensing and the issues associated with a Part 3 house.....