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South Norfolk Wind Farm appeal dismissed


In a decision issued on 15 October 2012, the Inspector found that the impacts on the local landscape and living conditions were unacceptable.
The Inspector identified significant impacts to 2 residential properties and a church. At one property, the nearest turbine (700m) would be a dominating, ever present feature when seen from the inside, and all 3 turbines would appear visually discordant and intrusive in the garden. At another property, the proximity of one turbine to the patio area (625m) would also be oppressive. As for landscape impacts, the Inspector found that there would be a jarring relationship between the turbines and the church tower of St. Mary's, Rushall which would harm the wider landscape character around that settlement, and that there would also be an adverse impact on the setting of the church as a Grade I listed building.

These harmful impacts outweighed the pressing local, regional and national need for renewable energy (including from onshore wind farms), which weighed heavily in favour of the scheme.'