Rosebank oilfield: James Findlay KC and David Welsh act in separate legal challenges against plans to open new North Sea oilfield

18 Dec 2023

Cornerstone Climate, Public Law and Judicial Review

Two separate legal challenges have today been announced against plans to open the Rosebank North Sea oilfield– the largest untapped oilfield in the UK.

Greenpeace and the campaign group Uplift argue that the decision to move forward with the development is incompatible with the UK’s legally binding climate commitments and say ministers’ original analysis ignored the devastating impact of burning oil from the site.

James Findlay KC is acting for Uplift while David Welsh is acting for Greenpeace. Both are members of the Cornerstone Climate team.

This case has been heavily reported in several media outlets, including in The Guardian, The TelegraphThe Independent and STV news.

You can learn more about the work of the Cornerstone Climate team here.