Sam Fowles gave lecture series at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies

09 Mar 2018

Cornerstone pupil Sam Fowles gave a lecture series entitled Environmental Law in a Global Context: Brexit, Trade, and Human Rights at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, University of London. The series, running through February and March 2018, will focus on the challenges that an increasingly globalised legal and political system presents for environmental lawyers.

Sam brings a background in both domestic and international public policy to his lecture, with a particular interest in the environment. He has advised on the Feed-In Tariff as well as international treaties impacting on domestic environmental law including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (EU-USA) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (EU-Canada). His doctoral work focused on the human rights dimensions of environmental law and climate change.

Sam said: “Increasingly we must, as lawyers and advisors, be aware of the international context in even the most apparently mundane issues. Whether is about regulatory changes resulting from Brexit or advising a local planning authority on how a trade agreement might impact on planning decisions, it’s important the next generation of lawyers can think both globally and locally.”