Dr Sam Fowles

Call: 2017

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Sam has provided legal and policy advice at all levels of government, from the Council of Europe to parish councils, appearing in many of the leading public law cases of recent years.

He maintains a broad practice with a particular interest in public and constitutional law, planning and environmental law, data protection and privacy, and freedom of information. He has appeared in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, Crown Court, County Court, and Magistrates’ Court.

Sam has particular experience in complex, high-profile public policy matters. His recent work includes Gina Miller v The Prime Minister [2019] UKSC 41 and The Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party v ITV [2019] EWHC 3282 (Admin). He represents individuals, NGO, and companies as well as government bodies.

Sam applies his background in public policy, social entrepreneurship, and academia to connect with clients from all backgrounds. Sam has advised on numerous pieces of legislation, including the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, Trade Bill 2017-19, and Data Protection Bill 2018. He has first-hand experience of running a range of public sector organisations; sitting on the boards of a leading university, major public-sector body, and grassroots political campaign. Sam continues to provide legal and public policy advice to a wide range of MPs and NGOs.

Applying his background in public policy, Sam is able to provide advice and representation on all aspects of Brexit. He has advised on several of the major pieces of Brexit legislation and continues to provide advice, training, and representation to local authorities, NGOs, companies, and members of parliament on the practical impacts and responses to Brexit.

Sam has a particular interest in information law and he was appointed Standing Counsel to the Request Initiative on 3 April 2018.

Sam is a Fellow at the Foreign Policy Centre, where he specialises in information governance, data protection, environmental law and policy, trade and investment, constitutional law, and Brexit. He has taught at the University of London Institute in Paris, the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at the University of London, and the University of Birmingham. He was a formerly a Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney.

He regularly appears in national and international media speaking and writing on information and data protection, constitutional law, international trade, and Brexit. He has appeared in or on BBC Business, BBC WorldThe Guardian, The Independent, New Statesman, Huffington Post, and Al Jazeera.

Sam holds an MA in History from the University of St Andrews (first class) and a PhD in Law from the University of London. While a PhD candidate Sam founded the Rule of Law Project, a non-profit initiative using drama and debate to engage young people with legal issues. Sam’s contribution as a social entrepreneur was recognised with election as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Sam enjoys rugby, squash, and musical theatre. He has acted and directed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and on London’s West End.