A 24-Hour Vision for London’s Night Time Economy

01 Jan 2018


The Mayor of London has today announced the first ever 24-hour vision for London’s Night Time Economy.

London’s night time economy is worth £26bn and generates one in eight jobs in the capital. This new vision recognises the importance of the night time economy and sets out 10 guiding principles to support the building of a night-time culture which serves the needs of all those living in and visiting London.

The Vision will be realised through the Mayor’s Night Time Commission, which is chaired by Cornerstone Barristers’ Head of Chambers Philip Kolvin QC. Philip will also be working together with the Night Czar Amy Lamé.

The 10 principles in the Vision have been developed with insight from businesses, Night Time Economy Borough Champions, the police and other night time industry stakeholders. They are that London’s night time economy will:

  1. Be a global leader;
  2. Provide vibrant opportunities for all Londoners, regardless of age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation or means;
  3. Promote all forms of cultural, leisure, retail and service activity;
  4. Promote the safety and well-being of residents, workers and visitors;
  5. Promote welcoming and accessible nightlife;
  6. Promote and protect investment, activity and entrepreneurship;
  7. Promote domestic and international visits to London;
  8. Be strategically located across London to promote opportunity and minimise impact;
  9. Become a 24-hour city that supports flexible lifestyles;
  10. Take account of future global and domestic trends in leisure, migration, technology, employment and economics.

Philip Kolvin QC comments: “London can only become a truly 24-hour city if we can bring everyone across the industry, the boroughs, police, transport and health to work together. This vision gives us the guiding principles we need to ensure decisions around planning, licensing and building for the future make the night-time economy a priority. With the multi-talented Night Time Commission, we can bring the whole city’s resources together to tackle the challenges we face and to maximise every opportunity for London to become the world-leading night-time economy.”

The Night Time Commission, which includes planners, licensing experts, local authorities, venue owners, artists, the police, and cultural organisations, will develop policy and programme recommendations for the Mayor over the coming year.

Click here to view the 24-Hour Vision in full.