Cornerstone Barristers Special Edition Housing Newsletter: Housing and Planning Act 2016

01 Jan 2018

Housing, Planning and Environment, Public Law and Judicial Review

The Cornerstone Housing Team has produced a special edition newsletter to highlight the main issues arising from the Housing and Planning Act 2016. The newsletter includes:

The Housing and Planning Act 2016: An overview– Andy Lane and Matt Lewin

Rogue landlords: Part 2 – Michael Paget

Abandoned premises: Part 3 – Andy Lane

Extended right to buy: Part 4 – Dean Underwood

The sale of high value vacant housing: Part 4  – Matt Lewin

Rents for high-income social tenants: Part 4 – Tara O’Leary

Reducing regulations of social housing: Part 4 – Emma Dring

Phasing out of tenancies for life: Part 4 – Richard Hanstock

Housing regulation in England: Part 5 – Dean Underwood

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