Estelle Dehon KC and Dr Lois Lane begin planning inquiry into the expansion of London City Airport

05 Dec 2023

Cornerstone Climate, Planning and Environment

Today, Estelle Dehon KC and Dr Lois Lane begin a 12-day planning inquiry into the proposed expansion of London City Airport. The appeal proposal seeks to extend the airport’s Saturday operating hours as part of a push to accommodate up to 9 million passengers per annum. The application to vary conditions attached to a 2016 planning permission was refused by the London Borough of Newham, due to the proposal’s anticipated noise impacts.

The inquiry will hear evidence on noise and on the economic impacts of the proposal. In addition, as COP 28 continues in Dubai, with members of the Cornerstone Climate team participating remotely and in person, the climate impacts of the appeal proposal are set to be a key issue; in particular, whether it complies with London Plan policies on aviation expansion.

Estelle and Lois represent Rule 6 Party HACAN East, who are opposing the appeal proposal, instructed by Ricardo Gama of Leigh Day.