Power to the People: getting renewable energy from source to user

20 May 2024, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm


Michael Bedford KC, Jonathan Clay, Asitha Ranatunga



Join us for an informative training session where we explore developments in the UK’s energy infrastructure with a focus on the National Grid’s pioneering efforts. Discover the current progress of the ‘Holistic Network Design’ and what the future holds beyond 2030. Dive into the critical topics of offshore transmission networks, including comprehensive reviews and route planning, alongside the newly updated suite of Energy National Policy Statements.

Learn about the essentials of obtaining a Grid Supply Point, and the pivotal roles played by UK Power Networks in enhancing our grid’s efficiency and reliability. Additionally, we’ll discuss the transformative impact of Interconnectors and Multi-purpose Interconnectors on our energy landscape. The session will also cover the strategic considerations behind onshore routing and the advantages of undergrounding.

This training is part of Cornerstone Climate Month. Purchase your ticket here.