Zoom webinar: ‘Grasping the nettle’ – the role of previous inconsistent decisions in planning

10 Feb 2022, 12:29 pm


Josef Cannon, Dr Ashley Bowes, Dr Alex Williams





To what extent does a planning decision-maker have to have regard to previous decisions about the same or similar development? When do you have to ‘grasp the nettle’ of any disagreement with such a decision? What kind of previous decisions require consideration in this context?

In this 1 hour webinar, Josef Cannon, Dr Ashley Bowes, and Dr Alex Williams look at the question of the role previous decisions have in light of the recent High Court decision in Blacker, and sketch out where the limits of this line of authority are, and perhaps ought to be.

For more information about the case, in which Josef Cannon acted for Chelmsford City Council, please see here

SLIDES – Click here to download a copy of the slides used in this webinar