Government approves nationally important road scheme

01 Jan 2018


The £149m road scheme will provide connections between Postwick on the A47 and northern Norwich, including the A1067 and the A140. The NDR is one of the Top 40 National Infrastructure Projects in the National Infrastructure Plan 2014 and has been designed to improve the connectivity of Norwich International Airport and the wider area. The scheme will also support the growth of significant housing and economic development in the Greater Norwich area.

The Examining Authority and the Secretary of State considered the need for the NDR, based on the Council’s traffic modelling and forecasting, and assessed the value for money of the project. In relation to environmental impacts, the Examining Authority and the Secretary of State clarified the correct approach to considering carbon emissions, and accepted that the extensive biodiversity mitigation measures proposed by the Council would ensure no significant residual adverse effects on biodiversity.

Michael Bedford, Cornerstone Barristers, acted for Norfolk County Council, the promoting highway authority at the DCO Examination and was assisted throughout the preparation of the DCO application for Norfolk County Council by Estelle Dehon.

Click here to read the Secretary of State’s decision letter, and here to read the Examining Authority’s report.