High Court to hear Judicial Review concerning sewerage works at Hailey Park, Cardiff

28 Jun 2023

Planning and Environment

Members of Cornerstone Barristers will appear in a two-day judicial review at the High Court in Cardiff this week.

The challenge has been brought by an association of local residents. They challenge two decisions by Cardiff Council of September 2022, made in the wake of the grant of outline planning permission in 2017 for large-scale housing scheme of approximately 5,900 homes.

The decisions under challenge are:

(i) to grant Welsh Water’s application for planning permission for a new sewerage pumping station in nearby Hailey Park, made necessary by the new housing scheme; and

(ii) to re-discharge Condition 24 of the 2017 outline permission, by approving a strategic foul drainage masterplan for the housing scheme site.

Among other things the Court will consider the adequacy of the environmental impact assessment process, including whether the Council erred in deciding that the pumping station project was not part of the wider housing scheme project.

Robert Williams acts for Cardiff Council, leading Alex Williams. Nina Pindham acts for the second to fourth interested parties, the developer and landowners of the housing scheme site.