Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill 2022-23 – An overview

17 May 2022

Planning and Environment

The Queen’s Speech is an annual opportunity for the Government to set out its legislative priorities for the coming year. Last week, the Government announced a raft of legislation which it seeks to introduce, including a Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill 2022-23 (“the Draft Bill”, available to view online). In short, the Draft Bill is substantial and proposes significant changes to the planning system, particularly in England, resulting in fundamental divergence in planning in England and Wales.

In this summary, Estelle Dehon QC and Jack Barber focus on:

  • Identifying some of the key planning law changes proposed

  • Acknowledging clear omissions

  • Outlining next steps before the draft Bill becomes law

The Cornerstone Barristers Planning Team will monitor the passage of the Bill through Parliament and will provide further thoughts about changes and amendments.