Junior Counsel to the Crown Appointments

01 Jan 2018

Public Law and Judicial Review

Cornerstone Barristers is delighted to announce that Ryan Kohli (2006) and Robert Williams (2008) have been appointed by the Attorney General as Junior Counsel to the Crown (B Panel). Their appointment follows a highly competitive process and enables them to act on behalf of all Secretaries of State in complex litigation in the higher courts. Their appointment, which is from 1 September 2017, is for a period of 5 years.

Ryan and Rob are specialists in public and administrative law, and form part of the highly rated public law team at Cornerstone Barristers.

Philip Kolvin QC, Head of Cornerstone Barristers, comments:

“Cornerstone Barristers places a high value on its work for the government, because of its public service component as well as its technical complexity. We are therefore pleased and honoured to have so many capable practitioners performing this important role.”

Cornerstone Barristers now has three members on the B panel (Catherine Rowlands, Ryan Kohli and Rob Williams) and four members on the C panel (Clare Parry, Estelle Dehon, Emma Dring and Jack Parker).