Cornerstone Housing Newsletter – May 2016

01 Jan 2018

Housing, Public Law and Judicial Review

The latest edition of the Cornerstone Housing Newsletter includes:

Message from the Heads of Team – Kuljit Bhogal and Kelvin Rutledge QC

Hotak, Johnson & Kanu one year on – Kelvin Rutledge QC

Housing Cases of Interest – Andy Lane

Nzolameso fall-out – Peggy Etiebet

Public Sector Equality Duty and homelessness – Matt Hutchings

Update on the Housing and Planning Bill – Scrutiny – Tara O’Leary

“The dog that barked”: Court of Appeal holds that licensor is liable for nuisance caused by her licensee – Matt Lewin

Consult in haste repent at leisure – Dean Underwood

Sub-letting: have you got the best evidence? – Andy Lane

Article 8 defences against private landlords? – Gary Dolan and Ruchi Parekh

Recent Housing Developments – Andy Lane

Cornerstone in Brighton – Ben Du Feu

Cornerstone Housing News

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