NEW BRIEFING – Local authorities post COVID-19. All you need to know

01 Jul 2020

Court of Protection, Health and Social Care, Housing, Information Law, Licensing, Local Government, Planning and Environment, Public Law and Judicial Review

Local authorities have been instrumental in tackling the COVID-19 crisis and will play a pivotal role in the post-lockdown recovery. As a result, they are experiencing a surge in duties and responsibilities, whilst they have to continue to provide day-to-day services and their resources are more stretched than ever. 

Cornerstone Barristers has been supporting local authorities since the outset of this crisis by producing briefings, timely updates on new regulation and guidance, webinars and training sessions. The material we have produced can be found on the COVID-19 page

Our new briefing Local authorities post COVID-19. All you need to know considers all the most recent updates across a variety of our practice areas and provides an overview of the challenges that local authorities should be prepared to tackle in the coming months. 

Contributors include: