Cornerstone Housing Day presentation slides

10 Oct 2023



We’re pleased to share with you the slide deck presentations from all our distinguished speakers from Housing Day 2023. You can access these presentations by clicking on the links below:

  1. Morning Plenary: A look back at 2023
  2. Vulnerable tenants and the PSED
  3. Housing related judicial review
  4. Housing fraud
  5. Disrepair complaints and pre-action disclosure
    Plus Court of Appeal decision dated 20 August 2021.
  6. Recent developments in additional and selective licensing
  7. Homelessness and allocations
  8. Domestic abuse and housing
  9. Evidence – tips and tactics for presenting your case at its best
  10. Discrimination law and housing
  11. Afternoon Plenary: A look ahead to 2024

We hope you find these resources beneficial.

Browse the profiles of all Housing Day 2023 speakers below. If you wish to instruct any of our barristers please email our clerks.