As we look forward to our Housing Day in November…

28 Oct 2022


It is worth noting that our last Housing Newsletter was produced in March 2022, and since that time:

We have also seen 2 wonderful additions to the Housing Team in Lindsay Johnson and Alex Campbell.

Now as we approach the first in-person Cornerstone Barristers Housing Day for 3 years (21 November 2022) we should remind the reader that in the last 8 months the Team has also produced a number of webinars:

  1. The cost of getting it wrong – ASB and the Equality Act 2010: Sarah Salmon/Alistair Cantor.
  2. Sub-letting & unlawful profit orders – getting over the line: Andy Lane/Raj Vine (Riverside Housing Group).
  3. What did the Supreme Court decide in Croydon LBC v Kalonga?: Kelvin Rutledge KC/Riccardo Calzavara.
  4. Recent developments in PSED law and practice – A housing practitioner’s guide to the Public Sector Equality Duty: Andy Lane/Dean Underwood/Riccardo Calzavara.
  5. Homelessness appeals. Top tips for an effective local authority response: Andy Lane/Dean Underwood.
  6. Housing Allocation schemes – their review and revision: Andy Lane/Sarah Salmon/Tara O’Leary.
  7. Property guardianship, security of tenure, HMOs and the Housing Act 2004: where are we now, and what comes next? Dean Underwood/Tara O’Leary.

Finally on the issue of webinars, Dean ran an extremely well-received and impressive series of Housing Licensing webinars in July 2022:

  1. The law and practice of licensing designations: An overview
  2. Licence applications and fees: Commonly-encountered issues
  3. Licences and licence conditions: Understanding the scope of local authority powers
  4. Prosecutions and financial penalties: Top tips for successful enforcement

In conclusion and returning to this newsletter, you will be able to read the following articles:

Enjoy the read!

Tara and Andy